XRay Probe

Know your app, inside out.

XRay Probe helps you see the big picture, without losing sight of the details. You can easily check out the view hierarchy and the properties of the user interface elements of your app on the fly.

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XRay Editor

The missing visual feedback tool for iOS developers.

XRay Editor lets you interact with the user interface elements of your app while running it on the device or in the simulator. Immediate visual feedback for all your changes.

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XRay Framework

Easy integration.

It takes only two easy steps to integrate the XRay Framework into your project and have all the important details of your app right away. It is even more simple if you already use CocoaPods.

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XRay Plugin

Transfer changes back to your code.

With XRay Plugin the list of changes made in XRay Editor are available in Xcode with a single shortcut. Just select the important ones and they will be inserted into your code.

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